Safe Hospitality Plan


Most of the Autonomous Communities are restoring normality in sectors as important and critical as the Hotel and Restaurant Industry, motivated by the positive evolution of the epidemiological and health situation derived from Covid-19.

Each of the establishments must assume a firm commitment to risk management, leading the systematic implementation of measures aimed at minimizing it.

To guarantee the return to normality in a way, some Autonomous Communities are establishing new plans in order that they can be developed in safe conditions, both for workers and users and minimize the risk of contagion as much as possible.

These specific measures consist in particular of the following points:

Plan tasks and work processes in such a way as to guarantee the safety distance established by the health authorities; the layout of workstations, the organization of the movement of people and the distribution of spaces (tables, furniture, corridors, etc.), in the restaurant must be adapted if necessary.

  • In case of impossibility, alternative measures will be taken to avoid the risk of contagion by contact.
  • If shifts exist, they should be planned whenever possible so that the same employees are concentrated in the same shift groups. Likewise, if the staff needs to change their clothes, a space must be enabled that also allows to ensure this interpersonal distance or establish the maximum capacity of the staff changing rooms, if any. In addition, social distancing should be maintained at internal gatherings.
  • You must assess the presence in the work environment of workers vulnerable to COVID-19 and must determine specific safety measures for these personnel.
  • Complete the medicine cabinet with a thermometer.
  • If the disinfection of the method of time control with contact (fingerprint, digits) cannot be ensured, if any, implement a method that avoids the use of the same surface by different employees. In case disinfection is chosen after each use, the availability of a disinfectant solution must be ensured.
  • Ensure adequate protection of employees, facilitating hand washing with soap and water and, if this is not possible, the use of disinfectant solutions.
  • Disseminate hygiene guidelines with complete, clear and intelligible information about the hygiene rules to be used in the workplace, before, during and after it, which may be helped with signage.
  • Provide time and means for proper hand hygiene.
  • Provide the appropriate PPE after occupational risk assessment in the context of COVID19. In the event that any service is outsourced, the restaurant will supervise that the staff has the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Establish rules for the use of the facilities in which the work takes place and the shared spaces to maintain the safety distance (e.g. in elevators, dining rooms, accesses and common areas, changing rooms, meeting rooms).
  • Proceed to the ventilation at least daily and more frequently whenever possible, of the different areas of the establishment.


  • Interpersonal safety distances must be respected in all activities. For this and when necessary, the corresponding capacity control must be carried out by the staff of the establishment. If this is not possible, the necessary protective measures and equipment must be ensured.
  • El restaurante debe determinar, en función del tipo de uniforme, el tipo de limpieza a aplicar y su frecuencia de lavado. Dado que el uniforme sólo se debe utilizar durante la jornada laboral, se recomienda que el establecimiento se haga cargo del lavado de ropa de trabajo del personal junto con la mantelería propia, debiendo asegurar la limpieza de la misma a una temperatura >60ºC. En el caso de que el lavado del uniforme del personal se haga en el domicilio del personal se haga en el domicilio del personal  el establecimiento debe informar a los empleados de que el lavado debe realizarse a <60ºC. Cuando se transporte la ropa de trabajo, ésta debe introducirse en una bolsa cerrada. En aquellos casos en que los uniformes no puedan ser lavados a esa temperatura, se deberá proceder a una adecuada desinfección.
  • Workers should be trained on the proper use and maintenance of the masks, gloves and PPE they use.

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