PRL’s Unique Plan is the Comprehensive Antea Prevention Solution that covers from the first day of recruitment the complete PLANNING of the entire Prevention Service, adjusted to the specific needs of each client, according to the size of the company, its geographical location, activity Which it plays in the sector and the profile of each of the jobs of its staff.

Antea offers its clients a unique and integral solution, in the matter of Prevention of Occupational Risks, Training and Health Surveillance at work.

Prevention of occupational hazards

Integrating Preventive Risk Planning – naturally – into the overall management system of the company.

Because an adequate prevention policy tailored to the needs of each company is an ally within the business.

We carry out a specific study of the autonomous professional to:

Advise you in all the documentation that will be required in the matter of Coordination of Business Activities, by those companies with which they contract before accessing their work centers.
Documentation concerning the risks of your job.
Specific training focused on your activity.
Medical recognition adapted to your job.
Phases of the process of prevention of occupational risks

Preparation of the Prevention Plan according to the activity sector of each company and work center.
Identification of Work Risks. Initial and successive evaluation of the same.
Preventive Planning and establishment of the different corrective measures to be followed.
Annual Plan of the preventive activities of the company.
Technical monitoring of prevention in the company to verify compliance with the Prevention Plan and Preventive Planning.
Annual Report of Preventive Activities.
Training and information of prevention of occupational hazards to workers, according to the risks existing in their jobs.
Training in First Aid, Emergencies and Evaluation of the Work Center.
Elaboration of Emergency Measures (Article 20 of the PRL Act).
Preparation and delivery of information sheets of existing risks in the workplace for each of the workers.
Preparation of all necessary documentation (Article 23 of the PRL Act) to make available to the Labor Authority and Labor Inspection.

Service Differentials

  • Planning of the service from the same signature of the contract with date and time of visits.
  • Investigation of Accidents and Incidents of Work.
  • Accompaniment of the prevention technician to labor inspections required by labor inspectors.
  • Measurement of Environmental Conditions (level of illumination, ambient noise, temperature and relative humidity (R.D. 486/97 on workplaces)
  • Customer Service Telephone.
  • Oficina Internet Empresas: a very useful tool to visualize or print all the documentation contemplated in the Prevention Plan, manage appointments, renew or extend contracts and / or make queries.
  • Mobile Training Unit.