CECE Andalucía and Antea Prevención join forces to promote the prevention of occupational risks in more than 420 educational centres throughout Andalusia

  • Through this alliance, Antea Prevención continues to be a benchmark in the sector through an excellent service provision that promotes the preventive culture of the External Prevention Service in Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Psychosociology, among the educational centers associated with CECE.
  • At the event, the 4 most representative unions of the education sector have endorsed the importance of implementing the preventive culture in the private education sector. FSIE, USO, UGT and CCOO that have made interesting contributions in this sector.

The Federation of Private Education Centers and Antea Prevención, have renewed the collaboration agreement between both entities to raise awareness and promote the preventive culture in the educational and concerted sector.

To this end, the continuity and promotion of this service of excellence has been signed by both the president of the leading company in occupational risk prevention, Joaquín Caro Ledesma, and the Secretary General of CECE-Andalusia, Rafael Caamaño.

In total, more than 400 centres will be able to benefit from solutions related to occupational safety, industrial hygiene or ergonomics, among others. To endorse the importance and importance that this agreement will have on thousands of teachers, and in improving their working conditions, representatives of the four most representative unions in the education sector attended the meeting: FSIE, UGT, USO and CCOO.

Customized projects for each school and educational institution

With this agreement, Antea Prevención is committed to implementing personalized projects adapted to the needs of each center and educational institution, as tailor-made solutions to protect the safety and health of its workers.

For Joaquín Caro Ledesma, president of the company, "it is a culmination of 7 years of collaboration, but also a great responsibility, since we are at a crucial moment for Occupational Risk Prevention companies, since the incidence of COVID-19 has given even greater relevance to PRL firms when advising, inform and provide medical services'.

In this sense, Joaquín Caro Ledesma, highlights the effort in digitalization that has been made in Antea and that has placed it "at the forefront in its sector".

For his part, for Rafael Caamaño, Secretary General of CECE-Andalusia, highlights that this agreement will reach more than 420 educational centers of all levels in Andalusia, taking care of their safety and that of their workers, about 10,000 professionals.

The education sector is not the most dangerous for the professionals who work in it, but it is subject to health risks that must be prevented and taken care of, and at CECE-Andalucía we are very sensitive to it: taking care of vocal pathologies, preventing stress and, in general, improving working conditions are our objectives.

To endorse the importance and importance that this agreement will have on thousands of teachers, and in improving their working conditions, the meeting was attended by representatives of the four most representative unions in the education sector: FSIE, UGT, USO and CCOO. They have agreed on the need to present personalized projects for each educational center, greater collaboration with mutual societies, especially in relation to chronic diseases and pay more attention to biological ones. In addition, intensify the attention to groups of the non-teaching educational community such as cleaning, order and maintenance staff.

At the forefront of digitalization

Antea Prevención has digitized its processes to provide a more agile and complete service to employers and workers. According to Joaquín Caro Ledesma, "the digitalization and growth of Antea go hand in hand, which is why we have opted to computerize our processes through very intuitive applications that allow us to provide a faster and more accessible service to companies and individuals".

In this way, the company has created two smartphone apps, one for the company that allows you to manage the equipment in a simple way (hiring certificates, training control, inspections, Covid-19 documentation ...); and another for the worker (Covid-19 test, medical reports, appointments, analytics...).

For Rafael Caamaño, "all these possibilities exponentially reinforce the commitment to digital transformation and technological solutions adapted to the agile resolution of problems that CECE-Andalucía has been promoting both for the management of educational centers and for human resources, where it should be remembered that the teacher and his work experience is fundamental for educational success".

Finally, it should be noted that Antea Prevención is the leading prevention company with Andalusian accreditation. It has more than 100 branches in Spain, has more than 2,500 employees and offers its services to 70,000 satisfied customers.

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