How to recognize a toxic worker?


In any company, the human staff is what allows the company to advance and meet the objectives that the Management establishes.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are negative profiles among colleagues that can seriously damage the work environment, productivity and, therefore, the results of the company.

Having a good work environment is a circumstance that everyone appreciates

Therefore, it is necessary to identify them before they spread their behavior.

What is SAPO Syndrome?

SAPO syndrome encompasses the four skills that can completely destroy our work environment. They are the acronyms of four attitudes to take into account within a company:

  • Pride
  • Arrogance
  • Prepotency
  • Obstinacy

The word ‘pride’ refers to the attitude of considering themselves superior to others: they do not usually admit their mistakes and if they made any, they will direct the responsibility to someone else.

Proud people are haughty and consider themselves superior to others. They often seem arrogant and vain to us.

Therefore, they tend to arouse rejection in others.

Often these types of people are in management or supervisory positions, as they occupy their position to delegate their activities to others or obtain preferential treatment.

Those individuals who seek attention, admiration and above all respect from others at all costs. Arrogant people want to feel appreciated for the great things they have done in their life, as well as for their special qualities or abilities. In many cases, he tends to disrespect and look down on the people around him.

In the behavioral, perhaps the position that is repeated the most is the systematic disregard of the arguments and opinions of others. On the other hand, perhaps it would have a lower component of pride than arrogance does.

This record is closely linked to previous attitudes. In fact, we could see arrogance as a manifestation of arrogance or a consequence.

Someone who thinks he is better and smarter than others (arrogant) and therefore does not pay attention to what others have to say (arrogant).

People who find it difficult to make them change their vision or opinion.

The same happens when we refer to this term from the workplace, and it refers to those people who only take their opinions and ideas as valid. For this reason, you will always work much better if you listen to and listen to the opinions and ideas of others.

These traits generally have in common:

  1. Hypocritical attitude: they tend to behave differently depending on the situation to achieve their goals.
  2. They are very competitive: : they care more about winning everything than about friendship with their peers.
  3. They look down on others: when they see that those around them can excel in one or more skills, they see them as competitors and they tend to look down on their virtues.
  4. They act with superiority: they believe that they are always right, whatever the situation, because they feel better than the others.
  • Teamwork: knowing how to work with other people and make a team so that the work goes ahead is something very positive for any company.
  • Planning: knowing how to establish a good order of priorities and transfer it to our decisions at specific times, to fill in the agenda and then follow it, saves us a lot of resources.
  • Tolerance to criticism: : positively value critical messages that often contain information that we could use to our advantage.
  • Adaptability: be flexible to the circumstances of each moment.
  • Resolutive capacity: : to evolve the inconveniences before and to be able to solve them in order.
  • Creativity and initiative: when it comes to sharing the ideas that come to mind.

And best of all, it is in our hands to apply them.

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