Working happily is essential to improve results


Will it make sense to seek happiness at work?
Yes, more than 80,000 hours of our lives will be spent working

Work is the conscious activity to which we devote more time, more than to our family, or to any other need: 8-10 hours a day that we only exceed while we sleep.
We give work the best time we have, working the best years of our lives. That is why it is essential that we try to fill our day to day with meaning and seek a purpose to our activity.

When we talk about making sense of work we mean the fact that percibir que mi trabajo me aporta algo valioso.

All works can be endowed with a certain purpose if we try to find the form. Therefore, whatever values of your work, try to keep it very much in mind to feel privileged. Otherwise, we tend to get used over time to the good, ceasing to appreciate it.

The feeling of satisfaction is key to happiness at work, and is certainly fundamental to the success of companies.

On the other hand, organizations need to invest time, establish and implement strategies to create a better workplace and have happy employees. The productivity that is achieved by having happy employees, it is not only an advantage for companies, but also for the workers themselves. Some of the useful tools in the day to day are:

  • Adopt the culture of recognition:  show them that we see the effort and commitment they put in to do things right. We all like to be valued. It's important for employees to know that their work matters. Know what are the positive repercussions that your work has on the whole company. Currently, the trend is for less hierarchical and more horizontal and collaborative relationships that promote communication in all workplaces.
  • Surround ourselves with positive people: Seek to connect with positive people, not only beneficial to our work, but also to our working life. Optimism is becoming more and more important.
  • We don't overload:  Don't think you're going to be more successful if you work longer hours. Overwork can also cause us to be less productive. I share these tips to be more productive at work.
  • Thinking ahead, know that we can improve if we do things right, have a plan and understand what are the needs that must be met to be happy, starting with the place where we spend the most time in the day: work.

Problems at work are avoided by talking. We need to talk more because, as the saying goes, by talking people understand.

By having engaged employees, the company grows and works better. And it is that having your employees happy generates an environment that encourages collaboration and trust.

One of the biggest benefits of promoting happiness at work, is that your customers will also be happy with you, it is the employees who are in direct contact with them.

Happiness at work increases people's performance, commitment and motivation to the point of becoming a strategic advantage. Treat your employees well and they alone will make your customers happy.

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