Health surveillance

Health surveillance


Antea Prevention Services is accredited to provide the Health Surveillance service with specialist personnel in Occupational Medicine, in facilities qualified by the Health Authority and developing specific procedures under the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 and certified by AENOR.

Para el desarrollo de la vigilancia de la salud en la empresa, contamos con acuerdos con los laboratorios más importantes a nivel nacional y los centros más avanzados tecnológicamente, permitiendo la implementación de todos los protocolos médicos específicos por puestos de trabajo, en unos tiempos de respuesta reducidos.

In the development of this discipline, we also rely on personal treatment and training as a fundamental pillar to maintain the health of the workers of our companies, so proactive actions are developed, making the popular saying practical, that it is always better to be safe than sorry. cure. With this health surveillance strategy, our companies achieve less absenteeism, resulting in greater competitiveness and increasing the productivity of the organization.


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