What does it mean to be a great leader?


In times of pandemic, being a great leader goes far beyond getting results and making the right decisions. Being a leader means getting the best out of people, managing uncertainty, being agile, and building trust in the team. And for that you have to lead with values.

"Leading with values means always acting true to principles, having the courage to make decisions, even if they are difficult, and acting with responsibility to face what comes next."

A leader is a person who is a reference for a group of people. He is a person who leads a movement, group or institution and who has earned the respect of others who follow and support him in his actions or decisions.

If we were to do a survey now, some of the answers we would hear might be:

  • A very charismatic person
  • A person who has the ability to be able to convince others
  • A person who is listened to with admiration
  • A person who rules over others

Being a leader means being the person who points the way, with a number of inherent or learned qualities: with his knowledge, his way of relating to others, his ability to make decisions, to manage crises or to support or understand the members of a group.

Leadership is not innate, even if sometimes it seems so. In fact, it is trained through experience and training in emotional intelligence. Next, we'll review the most important features in a good team leader:


A leader is an authentic person, who is shown as he is, thanks to the coherence he projects between his words and actions. In this way, being an ethical example, it becomes a social reference for others and example to follow.

High self-esteem

A leader is a person who believes in his ideas and his own authority to lead a group democratically.

Assertive communication

An ethical leader is one who professes the power of the word as a means of transforming business reality. Therefore, a good leader is one who offers an example of assertive communication not only in his words, but also in the way he expresses his message.

Interpersonal skills

The leader inspires social emotions, those born in contact with others. For this reason, it has the power to help team members develop bonds of affiliation and belonging:ability to connect emotionally with others through emotions as important as collaboration and kindness.

Conflict resolution

Being a mediator is a very important feature in any type of team leader, able to foster understanding between two or more members of the group, achieving matches between different proposals and seeking unity in the team.

Will and desire to take full responsibility

A successful leader should wish to take responsibility for the mistakes or negligence of his followers. If you try to avoid this responsibility it is almost certain that your position will last very little.

When a follower makes a mistake, it is the good leader who feels he made that mistake.


The successful leader understands and applies the principle of cooperation and encourages his team to do the same: work together to achieve a common purpose.

Work harder than others

One aspect of how to be a good leader is to have a goodwill and do more than your staff demands, to further strengthen teamwork.

The leader must plan their work and take care of a plan

A leader plots a decision-making process to achieve a desired future, taking into account the current situation and internal and external factors that can influence the achievement of the objectives. A good leader must put together plans and follow them.


A leader is a person who wants to teach workers by sharing their own personal experience with others.

A good leader is someone experienced (this doesn't mean you're many years old)who offers the ability to help someone through the experiences they've been accumulating throughout their life.

In short:

  • a team leader is a person who has clear ideas.
  • It integrates past learning into the present.
  • But also, he observes himself in the perspective of the potential he can still develop to further refine himself.

If you are a leader or want to become a leader, keep in mind that the qualities described will help you achieve it.

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